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ZSoft Uninstaller [ HUGE LOG FILES]

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ZSoft Uninstaller [ HUGE LOG FILES]


this folder is 386 MB and it's a problem for me.

it has the following files followed by size:
files_1 16.1 MB
files_2 16.1 MB
HKLM_1 167 MB
HKLM_2 167 MB
HKU_1 9.44 MB
HKU_2 9.44 MB

1.) is it safe to delete these ?
2.) how can I prevent their creation? (other than removing the App)

Appreciate any response.

J Neutron
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Other stuff?

I don't have an answer to your question (although it seems OK to me).

Reason I'm writing is that I played with the program a bit after reading your question. I saw where the logs folder and LogBackups folder and PostUninstall folder, and a handful of .dat files all get created in the App branch, but seem like they should be in the Data branch of the installation.

Maybe I'm not understanding how the portable part should work?

PS: The program does not have a setting to clear existing logs or suppress creation of logs, but that's an issue to take up with the authors of the program itself.

neutron1132 (at) usa (dot) com

Gord Caswell
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I'll look into it

I haven't touched this program since it was released, but I'll look into the issues you mentioned and work on getting a revision out.

[EDIT 29 OCT] I fixed it, and have sent a revision for posting.

[EDIT 02 NOV] If you want to have the revision prior to it being posted, you can it from my bitbucket repo. Note that it has the same version as the official release will, so if you update this yourself, you won't get an update notification, nor will the launcher or installer be digitally signed.

[EDIT 04 NOV] This issue is now taken care of with the Rev 2 posted today.

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Vista or Win7

I'm guessing you're using Vista or Windows 7, right? Could you please try running RegShot(Portable) on your system, and after letting it run for 15-20 minutes if it still didn't complete a shot let us know. I might have a clue on what's the problem, but could be wrong just as well. RegShot should normally finish in a minute or two, and then I'm wrong in my assumption. Thanks

My posts are old and likely no longer relevant.

Gord Caswell
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Try asking at the base app's site

Try asking here:

We're only able to help with support relating to portablization issues, rather than support with the app itself. I believe those files are needed for keeping track of your logs, but if you don't want them anymore, they can be deleted safely.

However, you'd be better off checking with the base app's developer.

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