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Save the downloaded installer files; AutoStart; Skip update for some applications

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Save the downloaded installer files; AutoStart; Skip update for some applications

1. I want to save the installer files to a folder, so that I can install them on our servers without download again and again (like the Cygwin setup.exe does), it can save bandwidth and time in poor internet environment.

2. Wish the platform can start when Windows started.

3. For some application, I'd rather stay on the old version than update to new version, so when updating, I'll uncheck these applications, I wish the platform can 'remember' my choice, then next update I'll not need to uncheck them again. (like foobar2000 installer does, and Microsoft Update does)

btw, one of the application I want to stay on old version is Opera 11.11, they delete the drop down button of URL input combo box after 11.50 (included), that's Google Chrome's bad behavior, I don't know why Opera follow that style.

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Already Planned

If you look at the Next bug pages, we already plan to allow storing the installers at some point.

You can already set it to start with Windows just by creating a shortcut to Start.exe and putting it in your Startup folder in your Windows Start Menu.

Nearly all applications that people want to stick with an old version for should NEVER be used anymore. Opera 11.11 is a perfect example as it has security holes that will never be patched.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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