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[Closed] multiple plugin locations handling

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[Closed] multiple plugin locations handling

To be honest I didn't know Firefox recognizes multiple paths for plugin locations (using portable version since like.. forever), until very recently You made this small enchantment to auto-include JavaPortable.

Looking at launcher code it seems it picks 'PluginsDirectory' location from .ini file and later checks this location for files¹ before passing it to %MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH% env. variable. Unfortunately it doesn't recolonize multiple paths separated by " ; " and will try to perform the check on entire string resulting in failed test (none of the paths will be passed).

The request is basically to fix this behavior. So finally I would be able to put all Java, Flash and Silvercrap in separated folders and in desired locations without resorting to half measures.

¹) this check is for any file (*.*), shouldn't it better check for np*.dll?
Why is the check necessary anyway, something really bad happens when invalid path is passed to fx?

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Different Change

We'll be introducing a different change for adding in Flash and Silverlight support in the near future. Until then, you can place those files in your Data\profile\plugins directory which you can create if it doesn't exist.

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