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Anonymous (not verified)
Portable Dock

Does anyone know of an open source/freeware dock app (like object dock)

I have used Pstart and it is a great program, but it just isn't pretty Smile

Rob Loach
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PStart is what you make it.

PStart is what you make it. You can make it very pretty, you just have to work with it a bit and customize it to your heart's content. It takes up hardly any memory and virtually no screen space...

Does ObjectDock save settings in the application directory?

cyberpunksi (not verified)
it's not portable,

Object dock is not portable, plus it is way to memory intensive, i was just wondering if anyone knew of any other apps like it that are portable.

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portable dock

check ou the rk launcher

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RK Launcher

RK Launcher is a nice app, but I can't see the portability of it. Unless I just don't know how to set it up portably. It writes in absoulte paths for the shortcuts. I don't know what changes to make to it to change the path's of the applications. If I'm wrong, please let me know, I'd love to be able to use this on my flash disk. For now I'll stick with PStart.

Rob Loach
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Anything like Object Dock

Anything like Object Dock will take up loads of memory. I checked out RK Launcher and it seemed nice, although it wasted loads of screen space and memory, not to mention it would run extremely slow on some old computers.

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I got quiet enough memory to

I got quiet enough memory to use it without concern
and any dock would be great application launcher for flash drive if could be changed into portable version

Embrace your dreams

Ric Hunter (not verified)

I like YzDock. I tried several things in itemlist.ini like

Explorer type.nonapp C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe ...
Explorer type.nonapp %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe ...
Euklid \firefox\firefox.exe ...
Euklid firefox\firefox.exe ...
Euklid .\firefox\firefox.exe ...

but have found no way to make path information relative, although even system variables like %SystemRoot% work. I also tried to put a copy of firefox folder in the docklet folder.

Any ideas left?

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RK launcher does work

I got RK launcher to work just fine. I was having problems with relative path name while I was testing it, but now that it's my auto-launch app for my USB key, it works just fine. I guess the app that windows autoplays is kinda running from the root, even though the exe is in a subfolder. So since the root is the working directory for RK launcher, all the relative paths are from the root of the USB. Clear as mud? Let me show you my config...

My autorun.inf -
icon=USB_Disk.ico, 0
action=Run the Portable Apps Launcher

My portable firefox link on the RK Dock -
Name: Portable Firefox
Link: PortableFirefox.exe
Work Folder:.\PortableApps\PortableFirefox\

My folder structure on the USB Key.

It works cause RK launcher is starting from the root, because it autoplayed. When I start RK launcher from it's own folder and try a relative path like ..\..\PortableFirefox\ in either the Link: or Work Folder:, I can never get it right.

This is working for Portable Firefox, CoolPlayer, Trillian, Portable Sunbird, FoxIT, Filezilla, FreeMind and Wink.

Im not impressed with RK Launcher's Docklet support, but I dont mind. I dont use Docklets while mobile.


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I'll give this a try

Now if someone could come up with a .bat file to run RK Launcher (I'm not that tech saavy yet) it would be even better, since autorun doesn't work on all computers. (some XP's have it disabled, i.e. work, school)

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this is good software, better than the pstart.
how do i add to it?

cyberpunksi (not verified)
just unzip the folder and

just unzip the folder and create shortcuts then delete the drive letter in the item properties menu ie. "e:/portableapps/portablegaim.exe" becomes "/portableapps/portablegaim.exe"

it also helps if you have custom icons so that the load every time Smile hope that helps!

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Aqua Dock

I think Aqua Dock is open source, I found it on ( - in reply to initial post)
If any of you experts could complile it to work natively on a usb drive ( keeping relative paths etc) that would be great.
I am using it already on USB drives but it needs the paths altering to be relative for each item you add. This is not a big deal I know, but if it were possible to re-compile it then it would be much more user friendly.
I have used PStart too and this is a great app, but I just like the whole idea of a dock which only appears when needed.
It seems to me that we have many apps which are portable but do not have much choice in launchers.
Thanks to all who contribute to this site, much appreciated!

Ryan McCue
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Ah, no

We cant recompile it, cause we never change anything.
As for choice in launchers, I know. Thats why I started START v0.6 coming soon. Its not fully functional yet.
R McCue

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