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Hi, i just managed to function mac-on-stick however i cannot find disk images to run on it. In the sourceforge page there are many links to software (games etc) but the files are either saved in hqx, sea or bin. When i use stuff it expander, it extracts the file to 0 Kb or else to a filename without the extension and when i drag them to minivmac it says that it is not a macintosh disk.

Is there a site where there are free disk images? Or a program that can handle well the compressed disk images in order to decompress them and load them in minivmac?


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email me and I'll email you

email me and I'll email you the disk images - I had problems finding them as well!

rab23 at bath dot ac dot uk

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Would it be possible to say

Would it be possible to say make a system 9.0 disk image?
Could you make this work with MiniVMac?

Edit: Nevermind, I saw where it can only use up to 7.5.5 Sad

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