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FirefoxPortable.exe - Win32/Nuvens.X!Trojan

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FirefoxPortable.exe - Win32/Nuvens.X!Trojan

I have just started to use Firefox Poatable and it worked great the first day, but now have my workplace updated their AntiVirus program and it finds Win32/Nuvens.X!Trojan in the FirefoxPortable.exe. Have tried dowloading it remotely on my own PC and then transfer the the newly downloaded .exe-file, but the same - same virus. The AV just delete the file and make a popup that it have been removed Sad

Have tried looking the virus up on google, but no results.

AntiVirus: eTrust InoculateIT
Version: 6.0.405
Engine: 23.72.124 - úpdated 14-09-2006

John T. Haller
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False positive

That would be a false positive in eTrust InoculateIT. The issue is on their end (their virus definitions file is wrong and needs to be fixed). Not much we can do about it.

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