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Drag and Drop PDF Printing

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Drag and Drop PDF Printing

Does anyone konw of such a program, commerical or not? And if so, is it (or possible to make) portable?

Something similar to Distiller. I just want the abiltiy to make my Word documents into PDFs conviently.

*I know OOo does this natively*


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I'm looking for someting similar

A lot of times I'm on the internet trying to get info on various subjects, and it's better for me to print to pdf. I use PDF Creator (free/open source) at work and home, but I haven't found anything for on-the-go. I also found out a CMD line to remove printers from computers (RUNDLL32.EXE PRINTUI.DLL, PrintUIEntry /dl /n ""). I'm hoping some of the "learned" ones could make a portable pdf printer out of all of this. Thanks.

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Batch File actually has a solid set of commandline options. And all of em are passed from OpenOfficePortable.exe on to soffice.exe. It even has the ability to silent launch (no OO window shown) and run macros. So, you could put it together if you wanted to.

Personally, I think it's easier to just open the file in Portable. That way I can select the options for the PDF (ans there are a lot more options in 2.0.3 than 2.0.2).

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