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Suggestion - Web Proxy Support for App Store and Updates

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Suggestion - Web Proxy Support for App Store and Updates

One of the reasons I use Portableapps at work is to bypass the typical limitations imposed on me by my company (Web filtering, no administrator rights, etc.). I just installed upgraded to Portableapps 10.0 platform and my company's web filter is blocking Portableapps from getting to the server to check for updates and get new apps.

I would like to see the platform support web proxies (like Firefox does). Firefox is the primary browser I use for internet access.

I truly LOVE the new platform. Good job, guys!


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I second this

more and more programs are doing this and I hate to see PortableApps not join the "in" crowd and lose out.

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Manual proxy support for the updater/app directory is coming in an upcoming release (see "The List": ). Currently, automatic proxy support is built in, so it will work anywhere that uses proxies (many corporate environments and universities) as well as direct connections, of course. Some users may wish to manually configure a different proxy for security or other reasons, so we'll be building this into an upcoming release.

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