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The Rabbit
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I recently found that the Portable Apps Platform no longer has a selector to show/hide the desktop icons, with the only way to actually performing the feat in PA was to mofify the ini.

I came across this small FREEWARE app that according to the site can be used portably. The program has some other options availialable to it. eg. auto show/hide icons with a click of the mouse. auto start on windows start, start minimized etc.

Named: AutoHideDesktopIcons

By their definition: designed to run independently from an operating system and does not leave any traces on the computer on which it is run

The software is also available on The Portable Freeware site and is listed as being stealth. Though that does not necessarily mean it is untracable

I would like to request that investigations be made as to whether the company would consider allowing the app to become part of the portatble apps collection.

John T. Haller
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As Told

And you were also told that the feature is still in 10.0, that if you previously had it set to hide it still will, that it can be manually set by the INI and that it would be returning to the GUI shortly. Thus, there's no need for a separate app.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

The Rabbit
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ease of access

Glad to hear that it will be returning to the GUI shortly. I had thought perhaps it had been overlooked in the final cut. I miss it.

I guess until that time for ease of access I will use the app.
I realize that you can access the *.ini and change the true/false statment though to do so you are looking at a multiple step operation to switch back and forth.

The app does this in one click of the mouse and you always have access to the icons at any time by double clicking the desktop leaving the icons visible for whatever you set the timer to (default 5 sec). Then to return to normal desktop it is only a two click operation to enlarge the dialog and turn off the hide instance all together until the next time the app is started.

I guess I should make the disclaimer that I have nothing to do with the ownership or development of the software. I simply discovered it's availability.

Thanks for your trouble

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