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backup on regular intervals

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backup on regular intervals

Is it possible to let Toucan do a backup on regular intervals (every 2 minutes for instance). The problem i want to solve is the following:
I have a directory in which files are temporarily (very short time sometimes) stored, before the are moved away by a program. I want to keep a copy of these files.
I think the best way to do this is to let a backup program run in the background and backup the directory every couple of minutes (before the files are moved).
Can Toucan do this?

Steve Lamerton
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could do this with Toucan no problem at all, you would need some code like the following, to be run in the script and with a backup job called "BackupJob".

function sleep(n)
  if n > 0 then os.execute("ping -n " .. tonumber(n+1) .. " localhost > NUL") end

while true do

The main problem is that it loops forever with no way of killing it short of task manager, but I will add a new function before the release of 3.1 to allow it to shut down gracefully when the cancel button is clicked.

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