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Does my flash drive protect the rest of my P.C..

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Does my flash drive protect the rest of my P.C..

If I only access the internet through my flash drive with PFF,will I completely contain any possible Adware/Spyware,Hijacks,etc. on the removable drive?Or will elements of those "bugs" end up on other drives during their installations?I'm not enough of a techie to know such things.Just wondering......

Dan2552 (not verified)
if spyware affects your pc

if spyware affects your pc it probably wont affect your flash drive, but only your other drives

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Probably not

As most spyware or adware is a software program that is installed using your browser onto the pc, meaning after the website runs the install it is then installed onto your local pc and usually does not need the browser open. Firefox blocks alot of spyware in the fact that is does not allow javascript to run, protecting you from many. But it can still happen. Just be vigilant in the pop-up blockers and spyware checkers and virus programs and you should not have a problem.


PS: Watch out for those malicious sites while you surf the world.

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