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Welcome goes into a loop

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Welcome goes into a loop

I have the latest, version 10 of PortableApps. Open Office installed successfully on my USB key/thumb drive. However, the welcome page has "next" that works, the User Name page has "next" that works, but the registration page has "next" greyed out. This means that regardless of what option I choose (Register now, or Register Later, or Don't Want to Register), to activate that option I only have 3 choices--back (doesn't complete the welcome part), finish (seems to do the same as cancell) and cancell (cancells whatever option I had chosen).

I can go back to the main menu of Portable Apps and reselect any of the Open Office apps and get the same result. It has saved my first and last name and intials, but the registration page again has "next" greyed out.

I have Chrome and Skype and VLC Media and ClamWin and CookTimer and CrystalDisk installed and working without encountering this problem I'm having with Open Office.

I uninstalled once and went back to the PortableApps page and re-installed Open Office, but end up with the same problem.


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use LibreOffice is currently a dead app. All the non-Oracle devs left and made LibreOffice from it. Then Oracle killed OpenOffice and gave it to Apache. Currently only LibreOffice is under active development and seeing releases.

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