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Separate cookies on Mozilla Firefox (?)

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Separate cookies on Mozilla Firefox (?)

Hello, here's my problem:

Untill not I was using Mozilla Firefox as my webbrowser. Now as I'm playing some browser game that requires me to delete cookies like 2-3 times a day it started to get annoying. My question is: can I have installed both: Mozilla Firefox and Firefox Portable on the same PC, that would have separate cookies? So when I play my game on portable and then I delete the cookies, my cookies from the regular Mozilla Firefox won't be deleted?

I know I could use another browser for my game, like opera or something but I simply don't want to.
I know that I could select which cookies I want to delete, but it takes a lot of time and is very uncomfortable.

Looking forward to your answer,

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The portable version is not connected to the local install. You could set the portable version to delete the cookies on close and then just close it when you need. Just make sure you wait a bit before restarting it so it has time to close properly.

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