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Offline Chrome Portable Installer

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Offline Chrome Portable Installer


I am trying to install chrome portable on the PC of my company.
Due to secured proxy, the installer can"t download the application trough internet.

Is there a version for offline installer ?


Chris Morgan
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For licensing reasons, there is not.

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There's the old "copy" method

Even though we have these cool installers, app store, etc, it's not the ONLY way to get a portable app on a drive.
You can always just copy an existing installation.
Just install the thing onto a USB drive at a computer that has full internet access.
Then you can copy and paste the whole "GoogleChomePortable" onto the secured PC.

Of course, even better, you could use PortableApps as it's originally intended: Install onto a USB drive and just run it from there.

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download installer

For most apps available here, you can download the official installer from the app (for example Chrome) and place it next to the online installer and it will find and use it.
You just have to make sure the versions (= md5sums) match.

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You sure about that?

For Chrome in particular, when trying to install into PortableApps, it makes no difference whether or not the official offline installer, ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe is next to the Portable Apps installer file, e.g., GoogleChromePortable_17.0.963.46_online.paf.exe.

This appears to be because the latter unpacks itself into a temp directory somewhere, and does not care which other files are in the directory where it was located itself.

Thanks anyway.

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it works for me?

I just did a test install with GoogleChromePortable_17.0.963.46_online.paf.exe in the same folder as chrome_installer.exe and it installed without going online.

hmmm ....

although, I believe the version of chrome_installer.exe needs to be the *exact* same version number as the GoogleChromePortable.paf.exe.

The way I get the required version of chrome_installer.exe is,

(this is on XP machines)

download GoogleChromePortable.paf.exe
bring up the properties for the file (right click> properties or File> properties)
click on the Version tab

and one of the ItemNames that start with "PortableApps.comDow" will show(once you click on it) in the Value box/information area a http address

copy that http address and use it to download the version of chrome_installer.exe that version of the GoogleChromePortable installer needs.

ie: for GoogleChromePortable_17.0.963.46_online.paf.exe the http address is

put both files in the same location (folder) and it (for me, anyway) installs without needing to download the chrome_installer.exe.

I hope that helps someone Smile

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Standalone install for Chrome - well described

Accolades to you, for a solution to a problem so clearly and completely explained.

you should be cloned - accept this as a compliment.

After downloading the required files, just to be sure I disconnected from the internet and commenced to install.
Installation completed without a hitch. (on a version newer than the one given in your description)

You concluded with: "I hope that helps someone :)"
Well, Your hope was answered.




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I'm glad it works

As my way of getting the offline installer doesn't work for Windows 7 or 8, I thought I'd add the other method of getting the download url - just in case someone else comes across this page..

if you open a *.online.paf.exe installer with an archive program (I know 7zip can, and WinZip canNOT), and go into the $_OUTDIR directory, and then the AppInfo directory, there should be an installer.ini file.

Open installer.ini and there should be a line that starts DownloadURL=. That url is the one for the offline installer.

And, same as before, download by whatever method works for you and put the 'offline installer' in the same folder as the *.online.paf.exe. When you run the *.online.paf.exe it should see the 'offline installer' and use it instead of downloading.

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Then again...

There is the possibility that your company is limiting access to the Chrome site because they don't want you using it or maybe even the Internet. There is also the possibility that if they find out that you have disregarded their intentions and policies they will fire your a**.

You sure you want to do this?


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