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Unable to update Libre Office - norton keeps pulling stuff out.

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Unable to update Libre Office - norton keeps pulling stuff out.

Can something not be done about it. I have my norton set to submit things. It is really a problem. Can't something be done to submit the build to Norton first before releasing it?

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Not Sure

I'm not sure if Norton has a whitelisting setup or not. They've been having more and more issues with false positive lately.

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Nothing against Norton or

Nothing against Norton or anything but they have a long history of false positives. When I offered to submit items for review and assist them with improving their behavioral scanner they declined and I got no response from them when I sent a message to their corporate office.

One major project where a ton of false positives have long come into play with Norton is the Cygwin project which is very much legitimate.

For the most part most security software have a way to white list a folder from scanning which would be very much helpful but Norton has no such feature and I'm not sure they ever plan to implement such an item.

The main pain here is that Norton (at least the last time I used it) is setup to automatically delete, without prompting, any item it deems as high risk. It never consults you to determine if an item is really an infection or not and there is no way to change that behavior. For that same reason items flagged as high risk never get into their reputation database that the software relies on to make that assertion so the only flag is done by the faulty behavioral scanner that the security software makes use of. I had that happen before with another security product as well (which I will not name) and for that reason I won't trust a security product that deletes any files on a users computer without prompting for an action to take (it can recommend deletion) and/or allowing the automatic behavior to be configured.

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When I was using Symantec, I had to specifically chose to set it to delete it if it couldn't clean it. I've have to set it like that since the 90's till about 5 months ago when our office went with Sophos. I set that to delete if it can't clean as well.

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