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Windows ask to format USB key with PortablesApps!

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Windows ask to format USB key with PortablesApps!

Yesterday, I installed PortableApps and somes portables applications on a 2 GB USB key. Everything seems to work fine.

Today, when I plug in the USB key, Windows 7 asks to format it.

So, I format it (FAT32), reinstall everything and check it again. Everything worked fine. Then, I remove the USB key using the eject button in PortableApps menu and plug it in again. Once more, Windows asks to format the key.

I checked in Window's Computer Management and find out filesystem changed from FAT32 to RAW.

What's the problem?

Ken Herbert
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Do you receive a message from

Do you receive a message from the system tray saying the device is safe to remove after pressing eject? If not, this issue can be caused by removing a portable drive that isn't yet safe to remove.

It can also be caused by a corrupt filesystem, and may potentially be related to the hardware. If you have a second USB drive, try the exact same thing with it. If the device in your complaint has this happen but a different device does not, I would suggest getting all the data off the original drive and stop using it as it may be at or close to end of life.

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filesystem converted in raw

it's the second time I have this trouble!!
before I used a sony usb stick formatted in NTFS which worked well for almost a year. an evening I shutted off the pc with the key plugged, in the morning when I tried to open the key it was impossible it arrived the famous phrase: "do U want format?"
I installed portableapps in another key, I shutted off a portable whith the key, I arrived at home, plugged in my desktop and...another time:"do U want format?"
I think it's possible that isn't right to shutoff the computer with the key installed, maybe it's better to expell the key before shutting off.
maybe the problem ca be caused from thunderbird, I don't know,. but it's a big bad tale

mauro giardini - italy

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