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LibreOffice 3.4 has stopped working

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LibreOffice 3.4 has stopped working

I just ran the update to LibreOffice and when I try to start the app from the PortableApps menu and while the application is loading for the first time, a Windows error dialog pops up saying LibreOffice 3.4 has stopped working. The splash window is still open and the last message shown is always Enabling Hungarian dictionary, hyphenation, thesaurus.

This behavior repeats every time I try to start the application.

By the way. This is on Windows 7 64-bit using the latest version of the PortableApps platform.

Uninstalled and then reinstalled from Apps|Get more apps in the PA menu. Now LibreOffice starts without any problem. I assume that the problem was with the update process and not with the portable app itself.

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Same problem on 32bit

I have the exact same problem on a 32 bit win7 box.

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You likely have a corrupted configuration. You can uninstaller and reisntall. Or manually delete the the LibreOfficePortable\Data folder to reset it.

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