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3.1 PreRelease 10

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3.1 PreRelease 10

I wish to THANK YOU for the latest update.

The log file would benefit from a summary listing of the failed file executions.

Also, a summary of number of files copied, skipped, removed, etc. would be great.

When I have a 1,000 files, it becomes timely to locate the failed file executions when I am not sitting in front of the screen for however long the script decides to take.

The only hardware I am having issues with is the usb sandisk cruzer. For some reason it takes an hour for the script. I do not know if it is speed issue or something els. Looks like they are not made anymore.


Steve Lamerton
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glad the last update fixes issues you were having. I probably won't make any more changes before the 3.1 release, it is massively overdue anyway. however I will add these to the list for the next release Smile

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