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about the library in the platform

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about the library in the platform

i think it's good to have a library in the platform ! it's really useful !
but now the arrangement of file directory is not very reasonable !
now the root of library is named documents and it contained three files --- music、videos、pictures.
i think it's good to put the file of documents at the same file with other three,for example the file named portablefiles


maybe it looks like the way MS Windows7's library,but it's really more useful!!!!

Ken Herbert
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It is done the way it is to

It is done the way it is to mimic the Windows XP My Documents folder structure, as XP was the most common Windows OS when the platform was started (and still is as far as I know).

An upcoming release will give you the ability to change both the name and target location of these folders.

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i'd like it the separate way too ...

if it ever becomes standard, or I'll just wait until we get the new release. Biggrin

Seems to make more sense, folks in practice usually separate the folders when they create it themselves, don't they?

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