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Platform can' find apps?

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Platform can' find apps?

I just installed Portable Apps It installed the "Start" button in the root, then a folder called PortableApps, then within that another folder called then within THAT folders caled Apps, Data,and Other. When I click on Start, the platform comes up, and i working, except there are NO apps listed! All the controls on he platform window work, I just have no apps. And within the Apps folder, the only app folder s 7-zip. I've deleted and reinstalled twice with the same result.

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Build-Your-Own Suite

Unlike the old Suite, the Platform arrives with no apps installed. So you build your own suite choosing just the apps that you want. You get to pick and choose whatever apps you want from the app store and they get installed for you. You can access the app store from Apps - Get More Apps.

Any apps you manually install should go to the X:\PortableApps folder, so things like X:\PortrableApps\FirefoxPortable, etc.

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