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Deletion of .exe file as possible Virus

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Deletion of .exe file as possible Virus

I have problems with a system that deletes my portable apps .exe file because the secuity software thinks its a virus.How do I get another .exe file?

John T. Haller
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If it's the platform, just reinstall it right over the existing copy (starting at the location where the Start.exe is/was). If it's an app, just reinstall over the existing copy.

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I've had to restore it using TrendMicro

On one of my systems, every time I try to eject, TrendMicro removes eject.exe as spyware. I go into the note and have it restore it again but, it stops it from working.
At least TM will restore it when told to I suppose.

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I'm having the same issue …

… only the administrators in my office don't allow us to have Trend Micro restore the file. Eject fails, therefore, and eject.exe is stripped from my USB drive. When I run the PortableApps installer, Trend Micro blocks installation of eject.exe as well. I can mount my USB drive on my office Mac, download USB Disk Ejector and drag the executable back to App\Bin, but Trend Micro just strips it back out.

Is Trend Micro the worst security suite ever? How the !@#$% is it TM allows all the truckloads of malware my co-workers constantly have to have IT come remove when their PCs bog down to the point of unusability, but successfully blocks this? Just !@#$% unbelievable.

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A quick Google search for "worst antivirus software trend micro" gets some answers.

Have you tried getting your administrators to add an exception for eject.exe? Or how about just getting new anti-virus software? I recommend Sophos, which in my opinion is the most responsive, effective, and unintrusive commercial security software available.

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