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Toucan 3.1 release 11

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Toucan 3.1 release 11

Hi new to Toucan and forum,
Having problems
Using sync
Wanted to run job did preview identified 8 file out of 50,000 that would be copied or updated. This was done in seconds.
Process dialog shows files processed.
Process dialog is frozen and cannot be shut down without using task manager.
App is also frozen.
Task manager CPU percentage sitting at 25% was up to 75%.

It would be nice if Toucan would show the progress in some way.

Steve Lamerton
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you tell me what operating system you are using? Do you get no output at all in the progress window? There were quite a few changes in the 3.1 set of pre-releases that were supposed to make the progress window more responsive, not less, so this is a bit puzzling.

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