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Portable WinImage

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Portable WinImage

This is just me playing around with making apps portable, but there seemed to be some interest, so here it is...


My servers should be back up soon after a little bit of an overhaul and you'll be able to get to the actual site again, but until then, SourceForge will do the trick.

Due to legal concerns involving the WinImage license, this launcher ships without the WinImage core files. To get these files, connect to WinImage Homepage, install it, and copy the WinImage folder to your thumb drive.

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Very nice.

So far, so good. Wink



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Misses registry keys

When you first run Winimage, it creates a whole slew of registry keys for file associations which the WinimagePE wrapper does not seem to catch. After running it, for instance, every .BIN file on my PC is marked as a "winimage file" by Explorer.

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