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XP - Read Only Problem

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XP - Read Only Problem


I'm not sure what the most appropriate place is for me to post this problem so I would very much appreciate it if you could please share that with me?

I'm trying to change the permissions for Portable Google Chrone from
Read Only in XP Pro.

I've accessed Administrator as well as regular user to change it but
it's not retaining the changes.

There's a green box inside a larger box next to Read Only. I can
remove that green box and click Apply where it prompts me to apply to
all folders and sub-folders with I do next to that option. I click
Apply and then OK.

But, when I right click Properties again that green box reappears.

I'm trying to run Google Portable Chrome on my desktop PC.

It won't run because it keeps showing a message ...Google Chrome
Portable appears to be running from a location which is read only.
Would you like to temporarily copy it to a local hard drive and run it
from here?

I click OK but when I try to launch Google Chrome Portable nothing happens.

I placed the Google Chrome Portable folder (with the extracted files)
in C:\Documents and Settings \All Users\Shared Documents and when I
un-check the green box next to Read Only it removes the green box
except when I right click on properties again for that folder the
green box next to Read Only is there again.

I've tried this in Administrator and regular user. No difference.

Would anyone happen to know how to permanently remove Read Only on
folders so Google Chrome Portable can run?

This appears to be some of kind of a permission and/or sharing issue.

Thank you so much for your help.

Gord Caswell
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Try installing to a location that isn't read-only

Try installing to C:\GoogleChromePortable, see if it works there.

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