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how portable is firefox really

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how portable is firefox really

ok ya i have this program cuuse its portable but it not. the extenions that i down load don't seam to move With me. why is that i instail them on the/ under the same file and the firefox app. when i go to a differnt pc there not thire. why em i doing wrong cause that why i like firefox cause of what it dose.

John T. Haller
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Extension Portability

Nearly all extensions work just fine portably, including the most popular ones like ForecastFox, AdBlock, NoScript, StumbleUpon, MouseGestures, Web Developer, Sage, etc.

Be sure you're starting Firefox Portable the correct way: using FirefoxPortable.exe and never launching firefox.exe directly. Also be sure you're shutting down Firefox and waiting for it to fully close and then safe ejecting. Pulling the drive can corrupt your profile and/or extensions... resulting in them being lost.

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What extensions

are you using?
Also, as John said, make sure you use FirefoxPortable.exe not firefox.exe
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