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[Closed] Explorer.exe issue when opening Platform/Opera

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[Closed] Explorer.exe issue when opening Platform/Opera

Operating system: Windows XP Home SP3

When I start my computer and try to open Opera Portable, or the Platform, sometimes Windows Explorer disappears temporarily. The taskbar and the desktop icons disappear, but under a minute, Explorer is restored again. The icons on the right of the taskbar are refreshed, appearing one at a time. The second time I try to execute a program/the platform, it opens up normally until I boot my computer again.

Any suggestions as to what I can do? This has been happening with increasing frequency, and I just started using Portable Apps two weeks ago. Thanks in advance =).

John T. Haller
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Anything non-standard on your machine? Has your machine fully booted up and been running for a bit before you try running Opera Portable or the platform? If not, Windows is still spooling up its various bits and you'll see that happen not just with portable apps but any app.

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