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PortableApps (any), but NOT on a flash drive

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PortableApps (any), but NOT on a flash drive

i will start this here on the FIREFOX section, but it basically
applies to most of the other PortableApps too:

>> Download History Cleared
>> Browser History Disabled
>> Form Info Saving Disabled
>> No Disk Cache
>> None of your personal data is left behind

these were the main points one likes and uses those applications,
and what made them famous.

in my case, i will for technical and space reasons have to use one
of those newer HDDs, 1 inch or 1.8 inch, with as much as 60GB
available on them. plenty of space to ignore the first 4 points
mentioned above, but certainly not the last one, as i still will
be moving from computer to computer, some i dont know anything
about. and dont want them to know anything about me either.

using firefox as an example, but basically thinking about the
many other PortApps too, can for example download and browser
history be manually turned on again? form info? disk access, how
ever often, is now not important anymore, so the (rather convenient
and useful) disk cache should come on too.

basically, i am sitting between to worlds, and am wondering to what
degree those specific PortApps can be partially and controlably
altered back to their normal version. without losing the moveablity
and the dont-you-ever-touch-my-computer effect.

i hope i make sense, and somebody can enlighten me.

if the mods here think this entry might be better in a more general
PortApps section, please feel free to move it.

many greetings - heinz -

John T. Haller
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Quick answer

Any of the options in Firefox, Thunderbird, etc can be changed back to their defaults (or anything else) by the user. Things like cache, history, form data, etc are disabled to save drive life by default. But you can open Tools - Options and change them as you like.

No personal data is left behind if you enable things like history, form data, etc.

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john, tks for the very quick

john, tks for the very quick reply. so none of these initial limitations (that is not the right
word, i know) are some kind of hard-coded, or fixed into the actual program code?

perfect then!

you made my evening, then. many tks - heinz -

PS: one 'small' problem though almost stops me from continuing to try out: when starting
the portable version, text size is very small (strange resolution on this laptop, 1400x1050).
this does not matter and is easily changed with CTRL-scroll or VIEW->TEXT SIZE.

but somehow, like on the 'normal' FIREFOX, this setting does not save: when restarting
FFportable, it is back to tiny text, and that then quickly becomes a nuisance.
am i doing something wrong, or is something wrong? my thinking?

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