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Suggestion: Plattform menu Must work with keyboard too

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Suggestion: Plattform menu Must work with keyboard too

With Alt Gr + Space pops up the menu, that works fine, but after then, you can't navigate to choose an app without the mouse. It seems that programmers forgotten keybord exist, very common in java apps.

It would be great is the interfae of the plattform can be used nicely with the keyboard too, and would be better if every application can be executed by a shortcut

Another launcher a use is PStart, from, wich is very light and fast, it has many options but needs configuration manually.

Thanks for your excelente work


Ken Herbert
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Full keyboard control is

Full keyboard control is coming to the platform in an upcoming release.

I don't think there will be a direct shortcut for every app (100+ apps equals not enough keys on the keyboard), but full navigation with arrow keys etc. will be implemented.

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On how you choose to view your app list you can use the arrow keys to scroll the list

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PageUp and PageDown will work, I tought I'd add this Smile

Yes, I set the working directory!

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You can use the keyboard!

If you know the name of your application, you can type [Alt Gr]+Space – or [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Space] – and then (the first letters of) the name of your application. When you have typed enough letters to have only your application on the list, press [Enter] and voilà!

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