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[Request] Mcafee Virus Scan Portable

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[Request] Mcafee Virus Scan Portable

Hi everybody.

I have bought an USB, U3 smart. And i want to find the Mcafee Virus Scan Portable Software. Because it can protect my USB automatically.

Please show me link download it.

Thank you very much.

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That software won't be on this site or made by this site. There is no free real time virus protection that can run from your USB key. ClamWin is on this site and is an excellant manual scan tool. It will not protect in real time as you want. In order to do real time scanning, the machine must have it installed and that won't be portable.

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Not available or supported

The McAfee software you refer to for U3 is no longer available. At the moment, I don't see any antivirus software available from U3 Software Central. You can install ClamWin Portable, though. It will run just fine from your drive.

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