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Using a Second (or Third) Profile with Firefox Portable

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Using a Second (or Third) Profile with Firefox Portable

In the support you say "Note that only one profile can be used at a time, even with MultipleInstances turned on in the advanced launcher INI. This is a limitation of Firefox itself."

But i can tell you that multy profiles can be used simultaneously when firefox.exe is started with -no-remote parameter. So you need to fix FirefoxPortable.exe and FirefoxPortable2ndProfile.exe to use "firefox.exe -no-remote".

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Any updates? And if possible

Any updates?

And if possible adding option to use second profile with Firefox test folder.

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We Already Do, It's Unsupported

You can, if you want, set multiple copies of Firefox Portable to AllowMultipleInstances via the FirefoxPortable.ini file. When you set it, it puts the -no-remote parameter in automatically (see line 390 in our FirefoxPortable.nsi code). When you do this, Firefox Portable is no longer 100% portable and won't clean up the files left behind on the local machine. This is due to the fact that multiple firefox.exes are running and it can't tell them apart. You will also lose the ability to open HTML files and URLs from the command line (by associating FirefoxPortable.exe with them using something like eXpresso or Portable File Assocations). Firefox itself can't handle this. Note that we don't recommend or support using AllowMultipleInstances as -no-remote is only designed for developers to test stuff.

Not sure what other 'update' anyone is expecting on this. This is the way it works. We do it the documented way according to the firefox docs and code. Whatever it is or is not capable of from there out has nothing to do with us.

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funciona mal

su app de firefox portable se ha vuelto muy lenta y se cuelga , porq han puesro las carpetas BIn y SOURCE , le han puesto demasiados añadidos , esroy trabajndo con firefox portable de portableppz y me va bien

[Very tatty Google Translate translation follows; if you can, please write in English - mod Chris]

the portable app firefox has become very slow and crashes, porq have puesro SOURCE Bin folders, you have added too, esroy trabajndo with portable firefox and I do well portableppz


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