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Jomic Portable 0.9.34 Development Test 1

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Jomic Portable 0.9.34 Development Test 1

Application: Jomic
Category: Office
Description: (From Website) Jomic is a viewer and converter for comic books stored in CBZ, CBR and PDF files. Features include a two page mode, caching and support for several image formats (PNG, JFIF/JPEG, TIFF and GIF).

Download Jomic Portable 0.9.34 Development Test 1 [8.2MB download / 8.6MB installed]
(MD5: ca1e084cc255442cee1d4026e5c2dae3)

Release Notes:

0.9.34 Development Test 1 (2012-02-13): Initial release

Please Note: The app's cache significantly speeds up the loading of any files previously opened, so I have chosen to treat it as data. It is currently being copied to/from %AppData% on open/close. The downside of this is that once a large number of files have been cached, it may take a while to copy over. If this becomes an issue, I may change it to access the cache directly instead of moving it between the host PC and Data directory.

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Thank you my friend. Much appreciated.

Bill G.
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