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[Closed] when find typing/search mechanism.

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[Closed] when find typing/search mechanism.

re-produce the bug:
1. close suite
2. open suite
3. type first letter of your desire app

the letter should to be shown at the top of the suite
all the apps that have that letter in there name, should appear below

at the top of the suite found a square
non of the portable apps will shown.

adding screend shots:
first English letter

  • it not happen only when you open the first time the suite.
  • when you type at your native language (non-english) the first letter is gibberish
    adding screend shots:
    first non English letter
  • you should check with space and other unusual characters.
    the problem appear at the first letter when you type.
  • depp.jones
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    Known issue. Workaround at

    Known issue. Workaround at the moment: Hit / first.

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