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InfraRecorder 0.52

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InfraRecorder 0.52

There appears to be an issue with InfraRecorder Portable 0.52: I was able to successfully install InfraRecorder Portable 0.52 on my HDD from the PortableApps Platform (Get More Apps...) and also manually using the downloaded *.paf file. However, when I attempt to launch the application from the platform or manually from the directory, I get the following error, "InfraRecorder: InfraRecoder.exe - Application Error ; The instruction at '0x01d5ed34' referenced memory at '0x00000004'. The memory could not be 'written'."

So, I copied the files from a previous installation on a USB key and the application launches successfully now.

I have not attempted to install to a portable USB device, but these applications typically run directly from the HDD. I also installed about 20 other applications to my HDD and they launch fine; no issues.

I can duplicate the error and provide more detailed diagnostic information, if necessary.

Any ideas? Bug?