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Are there any Online Storage Apps like DROPBOX that are portable?

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Are there any Online Storage Apps like DROPBOX that are portable?

Hi there..

I am looking for a portable application kind of like DropBOX. I know there is DropBOX-AHK but I can not seam to get this to work reliably.. I have tried it a few times and it has always crashed during install, or during use only moments after finishing to install.

What I am looking for (if it exists) is a way to set a directory on the USB stick to be automatically mirrored onto a online storage website, just like the DropBOX app dose.

I think this would be awesome as USBs are easy to loose, or get damaged... this way there is a instant online backup, that can be accessed from anywhere in case of some data problem with the USB stick.

Dose anyone know of an portable application that works like this?


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well yes

I am using the dropbox similar system called

There is no special paf software, but one can download the software free and use just the executable on the usb stick and it works fine.

BTW: wuala is the only service so far I could research, which does fully encrypt the files **on your computer** and nothing unencrypted leaves your computer nor the password is ever transported over internet.
Therefore they do no offer true web service as other such cloud services do, as this is rather big security problem as passwords have to be transmitted to the server and are precessed on the server.

But I think if someone could produce paf version, the operators of the wuala might be quite pleased.

Otto Sykora
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Looks good

I'm gonna give Wuala a try. 2gb free is enough for now. Thanks for the tip.

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There are two that use Dropbox

AFIK there are two different packages that "portablize" dropbox.

The first which I have been using for quite some time, and works flawlessly is DropBoxPortableAHK. Although it is portable and meant to run from a USB device, it is not PAF (Portable Apps Format) compliant. It is actively maintained and updated quite often with bugfixes and new features.

The second is currently being developed here at, and is available in the beta forums here. I cannot comment on how this one works but it appears to work well according to the comments in the linked thread.

Good luck in your search Smile

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Thanks for the help.. yeah i

Thanks for the help.. yeah i do not like dropBOK-AHK.. i have tried a few times to use it but it always fails... I'll give this other one a go.. thanks for the heads up!

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