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AVG Removes "MANA.EXE" (again) from latest updated version

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AVG Removes "MANA.EXE" (again) from latest updated version

I reported this the last time it happened.
This happened with the last Mana update...only, not the same way.

This time, MANA.EXE is listed as an "Identity Threat" and is removed from the system (FlashDrive).
Here is some of the info given by AVG:

- Process ID 1814
- characteristics:

***** Injects code
** Executable changed
** Executes from the file system
* Is terminated
* Visible window
* Large executable size

It terminated 9 processes
1 file deleted


It SEEMS that once you connect to the Internet with this game, MANA.EXE seems to change size as if malicious code was added to the executable AFTER the game has started.
I'm not into coding but have tested for many companies for the last 15+ years and this seems pretty suspicious to me. After connecting, suddenly your computer slows way down as if it were being used in some sort of bot-net. it never did that before. It always ran pretty smooth and used less bandwidth. IMHO.

Hope this helps.


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what say AVG?

But what did AVG tell you after you reported it to them (as false positive or what ever)
Did they tell you they are going to change it?

What does say about the file concerned?

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RE: AVG Removes "MANA.EXE" (again) from latest updated version

All the information I have is what the program reported. I can't say that it is a false-positive or not at this point and no information back YET after reporting it to AVG.
I'm not familiar with the process of converting apps/games to the "Portable" platform. That said, this version of the game hasn't been out there for more than a couple weeks so I am curious as to why it is suddenly such a resource-hog when the "changes" in the game are more cosmetic than functional. I'm hoping it's a false-positive, but am weary of this new version since it hasn't been road-tested for awhile before making the jump to "Portable".
If I get more info, I will post it. I just thought it should be brought to light ASAP to be on the safe side.


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False Positive

It's a false positive. AVG has them more frequently than other antivirus vendors. They may have already fixed their definitions if you update AVG and then reinstall The Mana World, though.

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