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Problems with Sunbird!! :(

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Problems with Sunbird!! :(

I'm downloaded Sunbird Portable, and I downloaded version .02 of Local sunbird. I was not able to send information from the full app to the portable app or vice versa, i tried looking for the folder Documents and settings/~/applicationdate/ etc... so then I downloaded .03 of local. I can get files into the local one from the portable but not the other way, I can't find the folder to open then in!!

Please help!


Last seen: 17 years 5 months ago
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So i tried checking, even

So i tried checking, even though the program says it HAS the C:/documents and settings/~/applicationdata/mozilla etc... it doesn't exsist?! or I can't see it? So then I Tried downloading EPIM, same thing, but not only that it uncovered files from THAT folder and brought up a calender. How is that possible if the thing doesn't exsist?

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ok, by looks like you use

ok, it looks like you use windows xp by that filepath you gave.

open windows explorer, navigate to the mozilla folder, and click tools>folder options
click the second tab (view) and make sure you show hidden files and folders,
check for the folder again.

btw, hi, first post.

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It's hidden

It's hidden. System folders are always hidden in Explorer. You need to go into Tools - Folder Options and show them. Though you should *not* do this lightly. By showing hidden folders, you can accidentally mess up your PC. If you are unfamiliar with all this, you probably should not be doing it.

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It's not hard to get familiar with it. I quite often delete hidden file/folders. Especially that darn Thumbs.db which screws up Zip/Tar.Gzip files.
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