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cannot open port LO3.5 under w7ENG x64

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cannot open port LO3.5 under w7ENG x64

I am unable to open any Libre Office3.5 portable programmes under w7ENG x 64. I get the following error message.

the instruction at 0x65f22ce3 reference memory at 0x00000120.the memory could not be read .

Have tried re-downloading and opening several times with no result and the same error Your help will be invaluable to me . TNX

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are a few threads on this

are a few threads on this already -- seems likely for some if not all cases to be java needing to be enabled in libreoffice portable &/or jportable being installed for smooth upgrade from 3.4.5 (as in openoffice jumps to new versions)... and desktop 3.4.4 won't upgrade to 3.5.0 according to libreoffice site due to many code changes. see other threads.

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