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It would be amazing to have PDAnet made portable. It is a freeware teathering program that allows you to share your mobile phone's data connection with any PC.

John T. Haller
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Doesn't PDANet just work with Windows without a drive now? And in instances where it doesn't, don't you need to locally install a drive (with admin rights, of course)?

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Using PDANet Without Installing PDANet on PC

Just thought I'd add this here since this post comes up towards the top when Googling for this:

You can use WiFi Direct on your phone's PDANet+ app, then connect to it from your PC (e.g., a work laptop where you can't install apps) with 3 steps:
1) Mark the check box next to WiFi Direct Hotspot in PDANet+ on your phone.
2) Open list of available WiFi connections. Select the name of the network listed on the PDANet+ app, and enter the password listed in PDANet+.
3) Enter Proxy settings listed in PDANet+ (IP and port number) on the PC you want to connect to the Internet. In Win10, that's located under Settings - Network and Internet - Proxy. Scroll to the bottom, change Use a proxy server to On, then enter the IP address (e.g. listed in the PDANet+ app, and the port number listed in the PDANet+ app (e.g. 8000 - the port number is the number at the end e.g. - do not enter the colon (:), just 8000 as the port number.

Should now be connected to the Internet through PDANet on your phone, without installing anything on the PC. Enjoy!

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what is it for?

I have never used any kind of extra SW to connect my PC to the Phone and its mobile data connection.

Even the oldest phone I have here does it by itself and does not need any extra software neither on the phone nor on the PC.

so where is the advantage of it?

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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