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How to Uninstall?

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How to Uninstall?

I have the latest version (3.5 portable) and I need to uninstall. But there is no uninstall link in Programs and Features (Win7) -- (Installed without the Portableapp app manager.)

I realize I can simply delete the folder, however, there are a million entries in my registry which need to be cleaned. Why would there be an installer for an application that doesn't create an uninstall routine????

The reason I need it completely cleaned is that the Help file, which I installed, does not work. According the people in the Libre forums I have to do a clean uninstall, install the Help file first, then install Libre.

I would be upset if I have to re-image my drive to clean libre's mess in my registry.


I am using LibreOffice Port on a second internal hard drive where I keep my applications that I need to use in other OS's.

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Try an uninstallation app

We have both Revo Uninstaller Portable and IObit Uninstaller Portable, both of which can easily help you uninstall LibreOffice with or without an uninstaller.

EDIT: IDK what I was thinking when I was reading your post... Pardon See depp.jones comment.

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Something broken?

Why would there be an installer for an application that doesn't create an uninstall routine????

Because there is nothing "installed" to the system by a paf package, just extracted to the specified location.
Therefore you should not get any relevant registery entries as long as you don't launch the libreoffice binaries (soffice.exe etc.) directly but the provided launchers (LibreOfficePortable.exe etc.) instead.
Same with adding file associations.
LibreOffice Portable should clean up any registry entries that matter after exiting. If not, something is broken (installing the help file is not supported f.i.).
Maybe you could provide more information what keys you get and what you did exactly with your installation of libreoffice portable.

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