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Notepad++: NppFTP.xml disappearing

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Notepad++: NppFTP.xml disappearing

The config file containing settings (and sessions) for the NppFTP plugin goes missing once in a while - seems that the entire "App\Notepad++\plugins\config\NppFTP" folder gets deleted.

This is very frustrating and causes a fantastic app to loose part of it's settings :/

Hope someone who has knowledge of this can help me somehow

John T. Haller
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Properly Moving

Are you properly closing down Notepad++ each time and always running it via Notepad++Portable.exe (and not directly)? I checked and the files are being moved from their to the Data directory (\Data\settings\plugins\config\NppFTP) as expected when the program is exited properly.

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I'll have to watch what

I'll have to watch what happened carefully (don't remember if I had to kill the app or shutdown with it open, or it just happened), but I recently lost all FTP related settings as of a week ago.

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subfolders of config not moved from Data to App at launch

I can observe the movement of the "...\config\" folder from Apps to Data and back. On the way from Apps to Data the content arrives. But on the way back to Apps, the subfolder ...\config\NppFTP is recreated, but the content is not moved as well. NppFTP remains empty...
(maybe the movement code only takes the first level of the folder hierarchy, ignoring the content of subfolders?)

Would be really cool if this could be fixed!

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