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Have to force-quit app before ejecting drive

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Have to force-quit app before ejecting drive

So..I love the idea of portable apps, especially portable browsing but I've run into an issue that I'm not sure is normal or not, but I'd think not. Whenever I run my portable apps USB stick and go to eject it, it says it's in use and I go into task manager and whatever portable app I've been using, as well as the portableapps platform app itself is still running so I have to force-quit them through task manager before I can eject the stick. Is this normal? I've visually closed all the apps on the screen obviously...

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This is cause by the program still running to finish closing of the program, often time the program itself closes but the mechanism to make it portable is still running as it is finishing up things that made it portable. I would suggest waiting until the application it self finishes the cleanup process, then trying.

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