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Differential mirroring?

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Differential mirroring?

I like to keep my portable apps on my PC, as well as on my pendrive.

This way I can use them in day to day work, as well as when I am on the move and don't have my computer with me.

This obviously means I need a robust synch program to keep me up to date.

My problem is this. When I do a mirror synch, Toucan doesn't do a differential mirror - it seems to copy every file overwriting the destination directory. This wastes a lot of time.

Now, Toucan's backup mode has a differential function - but it zips the destination files by default. This is of no use to me because if the pendrive has zipped files, I can't really use my portable apps on the go without first unzipping and all the rest of it.

Is there some way by which I can differentially mirror my PC based portable apps with my pendrive without waiting for minutes on end even if only two and a half files have changed since the last synch?

Am i missing something simple here?

Many thanks for any help...

Steve Lamerton
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managed to completely miss this question, so I apologies for the extremely late reply.

If you set some sort of check function for Toucan then it will only copy files that have changed based on that criteria, I think that is what you need in this case, check the manual for full details.

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