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Project64Portable 1.6 Development Test 1.1

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Project64Portable 1.6 Development Test 1.1

Application: Project64
Category: Games
Description: Project64 is an emulator designed to emulate a Nintendo64 video game system on a Microsoft Windows based PC.

Download Project64 1.6 Dev Test 1.1 [9.1 MB download / 32.9 MB installed]
(MD5: 66502263a0fc6a5ce3ac45d423fca578)

Since it's not open source, I can't include the files in the installer.
Since it's not possible to open the installer with 7Zip, I can't use an online installer.
So download the original application from here or here. [1.98 MB download]
(MD5: eb2d62ed23c4d4486b6649e7b162038a)
You'll need 3 files from that package, place them in App\project64:

  • pif2.dat
  • Project64.exe
  • Project64.exe.manifest

Release Notes:
Development Test 1.1 (2012-03-23): Update, see notes below.

  • Added portable support for Rice's Video Plugin, both for the newest version (which is included) and the older versions that use the registry (not included)
  • The project64settings.reg file now only contains the folder locations, so it'll still ask you for you language on startup. All other settings should start as default.
  • You can update from Dev Test 1.0 but the files from DefaultData won't move to Data because there already are some files. So I'd suggest that you install this update clean (rename the 1.0 folder) and then copy these folders from your 1.0 Data directory:
    • settings
    • ROMS
    • HELP

Development Test 1 (2012-03-22) Initial release.

  • Thanks to NeoRame for the icon, icon taken from this installer
  • There were already some versions available. But they were written in an version of PAL older than 2.0 or even only using custom .nsh.
  • In DefaultData are some folders that are already recognised by Project64Portable. These settings are stored in the .reg file in DefaultData. I know it's not usual to include predefined settings in a portableapp, but if I don't add the .reg file the app assumes that the default paths are used which'll make the app crash at launch, since the default paths don't exist or don't contain any plugins.
  • Normally all plugins should work, their settings should be saved and nothing should be left in the registry. If anything still comes up or something else aint good, let me know.