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idea: portable firefox stealth edition

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idea: portable firefox stealth edition

This would basically be portable Firefox built for express use in a work environment that actively prohibits the use of Firefox (or any "unauthorized" software). it would come pre-installed with the user agent switcher extension (which would default to internet explorer's UA string), the internet explorer skin and icons (details on how to make firefox look like internet explorer here). being portable, firefox would already be undetectable for snoopy IT admins browsing your profile.

what else would it need to be completely undetectable by the IT department (or at least indistinguishable from internet explorer)?

Ryan McCue
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It would still be detectable.
Not possible to package all that in unless you call it "Firefox Community Edition". You can't call it Mozilla Firefox.
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What's the point?

If you have to go to those lengths to hide FF from your company then it's highly likely that using it would be a sackable offence. Just use IE. Even if you hate it.

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Shouldn't have to hide it.

Thats kind of ridiculous that you would have to hide it in the first place. If they will let you use IE, you would figure they would want you to use firefox more due to it being more secure.

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It is not that easy... At my company, they actively scan and reprimand people for having non approved software on the machine. Granted FF is an approved app but then still there is talks of removing it from the list simply because our scan software detects FF as an older version and thusly not patched due to FF not updating its install version on updates. I have asked security to look at file versions and they refuse to listen to me.

Some companies are even more strict and the only browser allowed is IE. It also makes it easier from an administrationr standpoint to block out other browsers as this makes more nightmares for cleaning up stuff. More patching... etc. Just because the use IE doesn't mean that they can truely use it or that they will allow other browsers. Those shops are Win only and just because IE is included with Win means they HAVE to accept that it is there. I am sure in those shops if they could remove IE they would.

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