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Agender 1.2 Portable Developent Test 1

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Agender 1.2 Portable Developent Test 1

Application: Agender
Category: Office

With Agender you can associate some notes with a date or with no date in particular if you mark the note as sticky, you simply start it and it will create a task-bar icon and stay in the background, without annoying you.

Download Agender portable 1.2 Development Test 1 [1.5 mb download / 3.536MB installed (size may increase as you add reminders to the databse)]
(MD5: dfc8ffdaba0a74c4a7f7483be654d4a8)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2012-03-29):Initial release
Should be up to the standards of the PAF template 2.2