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[Closed] v11 keyboard typing issues

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[Closed] v11 keyboard typing issues

Hi guys, im trying to find an answer for my issue
but i had no choice but to ask here now,,,

i was using firefox portable v10 for quite some time
and all was perfect...

now i saw v11 and i downloaded it,
ported all my profile from v10 to my new v11
and all seemed fine...

but now, my keyboard keys appear incorrect in v11 ...
like when typing like i do now,
i can't make apostrophes using the same keys like in v10 ...

same for The at sign --> @

in FF v10,
which i still have till i resolve my issue,
i only have to hit CTRL + ALT + 2
to make The at sign..

but in FF v11, it doesnt work o.O

im baffled as to what could be the issue here,,,



i just tried latest installed version of FF 11
and my keyboard works perfect just like in portable v10!
so, there must be an issue with portable v11...
hmmm,,, anyone? thx

Ok, altho still weird,
turns out its a windows issue sort of
that can be fixed easily by following
All good now, Smile thx