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SMART HDD Malware came with Portableapps

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SMART HDD Malware came with Portableapps

Showed up as soon as I installed platform from my USB drive. Symantec Endpoint wont remove.

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won't remove what?

The platform or a virus on the usb? If it's the platform, can you just delete it from a file manager?

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More details?

What was the message you recieved?
What file did it say was infected?
How long after installing the platform did it say it was infected?
Are your virus definitions up to date?

It's probably a false positive, or it may have been infected by third-party malware running in the background during installation.

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Is the first problem. And as with many security programs that detect things on Portable drives, usb, flash drives, it's more than likely a hello you are running a portable hint. false positive, you have to be smarter than the detection, and tell it yes I know, and yes I am the one who told this app to run.

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I don't think it was false

I don't think it was false positive in perry's case but I do agree that certain AVs flag portable apps as potentially dangerous. I've previously used F-Secure and I must admit it had very strict rules of behavior when it comes to portable apps. Speaking about smart hdd issue I believe it was a real threat because as far as I know there's still an ongoing spam campaign on Twitter that leads to fake antivirus software, Kaspersky report

One of the fake programs is indeed smart hdd, such virus exists (see here ), so I really doubt it was a false positive. Of course, maybe it wasn't the Portableapps that gave virus, who knows.

Simply visiting an infected website is more than enough to catch some sort of computer bug. Maybe it's just a coincidence.

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check it

there is no need for guessing , load the file to virustotal or jotti and see there.

Otto Sykora
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