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Portable E-Mail Client The Bat! Voyager

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Maxim Masiutin
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Portable E-Mail Client The Bat! Voyager

I just have a question.

We offer portable e-mail client The Bat! Voyager
and would like it to be included into the directory of applications of the site. Whom should we contact?

Thank you in advice!

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The Bat! Voyager

Hi Maxim,

as a former TheBat! V1 and V2 user I was very interested in the reports about TB Voyager on the german TheBat user forum - but it seems that there are still some serious bugs and TBV still writes to the registry.
However TBV seems to be better than usermade (portability) workarounds for TheBat! like MobileBat or DynBat (which import and export the necessary registry-brunches for TheBat!) Smile

Never the less you could contact John T. Haller via [EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED] (or you could simply follow the contact-link at the right side on top of every page ;)) and ask him if he will advertise your commercial product Wink

Cya Ryushi

Maxim Masiutin
Last seen: 17 years 10 months ago
Joined: 2005-12-22 06:31
I wrote to

I wrote to [ADDRESS REMOVED] twice but didn't get any reply Sad

John T. Haller
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Take a breath... Just because it takes a few days to get a response doesn't mean you won't. Especially over Christmas. You actually sent your second email exactly 9 hours before posting your message that you never got a reply. A bit unrealistic, no? Especially as it's the holidays and I'm currently traveling with Portable Thunderbird/Firefox and hooked up to an old Penitum 3 via USB 1.1 and connecting via dialup. I think I'm doing a rather good job staying in touch.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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