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Request new feature: Pause a moment after clicking before vanishing menu

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Request new feature: Pause a moment after clicking before vanishing menu

I become very used to using the old "" which had this feature (probably by accident of its slowness) and really miss it on the new portableapps menu. Typically when I start work I want to fire up 4 or 5 apps one after the other and not always the same ones. With the old menu I was able to simply slide down the list with the mouse giving each one I wanted a click to start it up, and all was done in a fraction of a second.

Now every time I click to start up an app, the menu disappears instantly and I have to very carefully aim my mouse at the tiny icon in the system tray, click that, and then move up to find and click the next app in the list that I want to have started, and so on.

If we could just have a little bit of delay before vanishing the menu so that I can get a second click in - and then that click would give another tiny delay to get a third click in, etc. Until I have started all the apps that I want running for a particular session, then that would be really noticeable and appreciated every time I start up portable apps (which is several times a day!)

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Always Visible was based on an older Pa.c Menu, hence its slowness to recognize clicks. You can set the current menu to stay visible until you hide it using an advanced option, which would best suit your purposes. You can then hide and show it by clicking the icon or using the hotkey (CTRL-ALT-SPACE). Having it stay visible for X seconds and racing against it to launch apps doesn't seem like an ideal solution.

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