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Firefox looking like IE

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Firefox looking like IE

I know that you have written a section on how to make Firefox look like IE, over here:
This is all great, except for the fact that Bamms site is offline as you acknowledged, and your prebuilt profile for PFF "does not fully work with 1.5."

Would it be possible, for you to maintain this and maybe add a link on the portable firefox page to a profile download? Many people would probably benefit from it, as using PFF in an environment where you aren't allowed to run other applications, eg: Work, Schools, etc. Im sure many dont know about it either.

Any chance of this?

edit: I have actually half acheived this from your instructions, from finding a modded Firesomething that works with 1.5, Menu editor extension, Button pack, and windows styles, with the Internet Explorer theme. I added FoxyProxy which is meant to be better than switchproxy, and Fasterfox for extra benefit. I then had to resource hack the firefox.exe file and manually replace the icons in it. It took up quite a bit of time gathering it all together, and im sure many would appreciate it if it just came as a compressed profile.

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Bamm's extensions are not compatible with 1.5 and are not being updated.

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